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2014-03-20 08:06 pm



Zach will be coming over tonight! If you're unfamiliar with Zach Scott, he's quite the creative director... and lighting designer.
Check him out here! :D
And here's a candid...
Yeah, we're kinda best friends.

He lives in my backyard (well, basically). He' two streets over. We've known each other since he was 10 and I was 13.

HOKAY, so you have some history.

During the summer of 2013 (not that long ago) we went to Starved Rock to film some stuff for my guitarist's band, Harlan Flo. He wrote the song "Land of the Gardens" for the second album I was involved in singing with him on. Naturally, we wanted a place that was rich in nature so we went to the closest forest-y place we knew. While there were many laughs, almost falling down cliffs and being completely submerged in disgusting water, we DID manage to get some footage.

So tonight, beers in hand, we're going to look it over.
Check for a follow-up post SOON for the final video!

I'm an
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2013-12-12 01:11 pm


Good snowy afternoon, ladies and gentleman!
I'm registering for classes today at North Central College to GET MY MEDIA ON!


No, really.
I'm nervous!

Stay warm... don't make me give you the "coat talk"...
Hoodies are NOT coats!

A little Mwah From Amand-ah
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2013-12-12 01:03 pm
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2013-12-12 12:51 pm
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Ahoy! I've arrived at Dreamwidth! Here, you'll find all of my musings about life, college life, music and art. I'll be connected to a bunch of websites, especially

Let's do this.

Amanda Guin